Tranquil Turtle Night Light - Blue


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Looking for the perfect solution to soothe your baby from birth or help your child overcome their fear of the dark? Look no further than the Tranquil Turtle™ - Aqua. This adorable turtle not only doubles as a soft plush companion during the day but also transforms into a magical nightlight at night, creating a serene sleep environment for your little one.

With its unique, patented mechanism, the Tranquil Turtle™ emits a gentle glow that illuminates the room with a soft light. But that's not all - it also projects captivating ocean waves onto the bedroom ceiling, bringing the beauty of the underwater world right into your child's room. The constantly moving waves create a mesmerizing underwater light effect that will captivate their imagination.

To further enhance the soothing experience, you can choose between a calming melody or the sound of waves (white noise). These two soothing sounds provide a tranquil atmosphere to help your baby or child drift off into a peaceful slumber. With six adjustable volume levels, you can easily customize the sound to suit your child's preferences.

One of the standout features of the Tranquil Turtle™ is its 23-minute timer. This timer ensures complete darkness and silence after your child falls asleep, allowing them to rest undisturbed throughout the night. Say goodbye to worrying about keeping the nightlight on for too long or sneaking back into the room to turn it off.

Not only does the Tranquil Turtle™ provide comfort and relaxation, but it also offers practicality. The brightness of the light is fully adjustable, allowing you to create the perfect sleep environment according to your child's needs. Whether they prefer a dim glow or a slightly brighter ambiance, you can easily set it up just the way they like it.

In summary, the Tranquil Turtle™ - Aqua is a delightful sleep companion that brings together the elements of comfort, tranquility, and enchantment. Its soft plush exterior offers companionship during the day, while its magical nightlight and soothing sounds create a serene atmosphere for a good night's sleep. Embrace the wonders of the underwater world and ensure your child's peaceful slumber with the Tranquil Turtle™ - Aqua.



  • Patended Technology
  • 23 min Sleep Timer
  • 2 sounds
  • Underwater Melody
  • Underwater projections