Rubbabu Medium Animal - Giraffe


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Rubbabu Aniwheelies are small, animal-shaped cars made from natural rubber, so they are squishy, nicely bouncy and nearly impossible to break or ruin.

The rubbery body is completely covered with a velvety soft flocking made from nylon. This gives them a vibrant look and texture that children love. Your child will be able to squish and squeeze these cars, making them incredibly easy to grip with small hands. The large wheels spin easily so driving around is easy, even for young children. They bounce when dropped, squish when stepped on, and are durable enough to handle almost any type of abuse or rough play.

These little cars are available in eight different styles in varying colors. Attention to detail, and several fun animal shapes make Rubbabu Aniwheelies a great alternative to traditional toy cars or animal figurines.

The Rubbabu™ line of toys is one that you have to feel to truly appreciate. Rubbabu toys are designed to be super simple to encourage imaginative play. By making them out of soft and squishy foam we make them safe for babies and toddlers. Made by a family business, these hand-made toys come from India and create more than 100 fair trade jobs in India and America.

Recommended for ages 6 months and older