Momo Moon - Night Light


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This adorable night light boasts a minimalist design, featuring a soft silicone blob with two adorable eyes that exude a soft, calming glow. Embrace personalized illumination with its dimmable functionality, effortlessly adjusting light levels to match your desired ambiance. Choose from a palette of seven captivating colors to infuse any space with a soothing hue that resonates with your mood. 

Arrived from distant galaxies to drive away the monsters of the night: Our friendly MOMO MOON night light helps the little ones fall asleep and drives away their fear of the dark!

With a particularly sleep-friendly light, this battery-operated children's night light makes it easier to fall asleep and is very easy to use! Simply press the two little eyes together and switch the light on or off. To dim the light, the little eyes simply have to be pressed against each other a little longer. In this way you always ensure the right light and a pleasant, warm and cozy atmosphere.
Since MOMO MOON is battery-powered, you can take the night light with you wherever you go. MOMO MOON ensures security and helps against fear in the dark everywhere.
To charge the battery, simply connect the included micro USB cable and the battery is fully charged in just two hours. MOMO MOON can shine for up to 14 hours (at maximum brightness) or 80 hours (when dimmed).
The friendly, reduced design in combination with the easy operation and the pleasant light helps children to fall asleep and is a faithful companion right from the start. MOMO MOON is also wonderfully suited as a nursing light. The warm, dimmable light makes it easier to care for your baby at night.


Thanks to the possibility of dimming, MOMO MOON is always just as bright as you need it to be: regardless of whether you want to read your children from your favorite book, give your baby a bottle at night or find the pacifier again. A very gentle snooze light can be set to help you fall asleep. For dimming, simply hold the eyes together longer. This allows you to playfully find the optimum brightness to rock your child to sleep, breastfeed or change diapers.

Colour Change

Momo Moon becomes a colorful night light friend. It is possible to switch between 7 different colors intuitively by touch.