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Flashcards First Activities

Flashcards First Activities

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Let's get creative and practise our drawing skills!

With these 8 colourful picture cards, created with special recessed details, children can trace the details of the subjects using the erasable marker. Then, like a puzzle, they can reconstruct the image of a farm.

Main Intelligence: Bodily-kinesthetic 
Skills: Touch and manual skill
Learning Objectives: Achieving tactile sensitivity; Developing fine dexterity; Hand-eye co-ordination
Topic/Context: The Farm
Game Type: Picture tracing & Puzzle 

Instructions: Flashcards: First Activities

Quick Instructions:
See: Point to the different images on the picture cards and talk to your child about what they see.
Feel: Encourage them to feel across the indented grooves of the card to stimulate their tactile sensitivity. 
Draw: Using the erasable felt pen, the child can then draw along the recessed details. Talk to them about those features of the image to build their understanding.
Assemble: The child can then put the 8 pieces together, like a puzzle, to form the bigger picture of the farm. 

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