My Farm Puzzle


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Make lots of discoveries on the farm!

This large, reversible puzzle with sturdy pieces features 8 delightful farm animals on one side and a cheerful and colourful gigantic farm on the other side. Each of the 8 animal puzzles is made up of 4 pieces; then on the other side, all 32 pieces come together to form the farm scene. Children can learn the animals' names as they assemble and re-assemble the puzzles over and over again.

Main Intelligence: Personal (developing confidence and autonomy)
Skills: Worlds in comparison
Learning Objectives: Discover the world around you; Recognise the animals on the farm; Develop fine manual dexterity
Topic/Context: Farm life and animals
Game Type: Puzzle

Instructions: My Farm Puzzle 8+1

Quick Instructions: 

Assemble the 8 animal puzzles: Begin by asking the children to piece together the mini animal puzzles. The self-correcting pieces help children to recreate the scenes by themselves. Always encourage them to compare the pieces with the scenes on the back on the box, drawing their attention to the details in each picture.

Discover the farm: Turn over the pieces of the individual mini-puzzles and use them to assemble the farm scene. When complete, draw the children’s attention to the individual features in the farm scene, saying what they’re called out loud. Point to and say “farmer”, “vegetable garden,”, “mill”... Ask the children if they remember the names of the animals and add additional information (we get wool from sheep, milk from cows, eggs from chickens, and so on.) Finally, lay the pieces out on a surface and ask the children assemble the puzzle.

Age: 2–4 years
Number of players: 1+
Duration: 20 minutes
Contents: 8 puzzles consisting of 4 double-faced pieces; Large (48 x 32,5 cm) panel of the farm
Box Dimensions: 4.6 x 15.4 x 20.5cm
Origin: Made in Italy