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ObservAction Game

ObservAction Game

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Reflexes, concentration, and logical thinking!

Spin the spinner and find the correct objects as quickly as possible! ObservAction is a fascinating game that tests observation skills and the ability to think quickly, offering different game modes for younger and older children to play.

Main Intelligence: Spatial Intelligence
Skills: Observation; logical thinking; Forms and colours
Learning Objectives: Observation and visual memory; Concentration; Logical thinking and classification; Colour recognition
Topic/Context: Everyday objects
Game Type: Identification & Classification Game

Instructions: ObservAction

Quick Instructions: In this game, there are over 200 cut-out objects which are made up of three categories of everyday things: food, objects, and animals. The back of each of these categories is colour coded, for easy checking within rounds. Food cards are red on the back, object cards are blue, and animal cards are green. These cards are laid out face up, close together around the spinner, which sits in the middle of the playing area.

The spinner determines what the challenge for each round is. Players take turns spinning the spinner, and a timer is used to limit the time for each round. If the challenge is to collect animal cards, each player must collect as many as they can within the round. At the end of the set time, all players turn over their cards and get to count up each one that is correct, as revealed by it being the colour green on the back. The aim is to collect the most cards! This version suits players aged 5.

An alternative, easier version is to face the cut-outs with the colour side up. Children must then collect as many of the right colour as possible in the time set.

A more difficult version to play, suited to 7-year-olds and up, is to refer to the outer rim on the spinner, where each of the three main categories is divided into four subcategories:
Animals: Amphibians and reptiles; Fish; Birds; Mammals
Food: Fruit; Vegetables; Cakes; Savoury
Objects: Technology devices; Musical instruments; Clothes; Means of transport

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