Dinosaurs under X-Ray


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A dinosaur observation game with a magic torch!

Reconstruct the environment of the Mesozoic age and discover the skeletons of the giants from the past using the special UV torch, just like in a real natural history museum. Then challenge your friends to a game of Go Fish with 40 cards of the most well-known dinosaurs!

Main Intelligence: Naturalist
Skills: Memorisation, inquiry, and following rules
Topic/Context: Dinosaurs and the natural world
Learning Objectives:
 Knowledge and classification of dinosaurs; Analysing dinosaur skeletons; Learning about the evolution of the dinosaurs and their extinction; Tracking a timeline of the age of the dinosaurs; Following rules
Game Type: Observation Card Game

Information booklet/Instructions: Dinosaurs under X-Ray


This kit will let you discover the world of the dinosaurs in an exciting trip back in time, like a real palaeontologist.

You have different tools at your disposal:
• The information you will find in the pages of the information booklet
• The scenes to reconstruct, divided by geologic period
• Cutouts of some of the most famous dinosaurs, and cards with missions to compare them and analyse their skeletons using the UV torch
• Dinosaur cards to let you discover the names, characteristics and habits of 40 dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

What’s more, you can also challenge your friends to an easy and fun game of Go Fish with the dinosaur cards! Find out how to play in the Instruction manual.


Age: 6–10 years
Number of players: 1+
Duration: 30 minutes
Contents: 3 Mesozoic scenarios; 8 shaped dinosaurs; 40 dinosaur cards; 20 mission cards; UV torch
Box Dimensions: 17.5 x 62 x 52cm
Batteries: 3 X AAA (not included)
Origin: Made in Italy