Catty Cat - Night Light


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With the friendly cat night light CATTY CAT you and your children get a reliable nocturnal companion. Perfect for going to bed with a pleasant warm white light or very colorful with an extraordinary color change function to suit any mood. 

Colour changing

This function that offers you 7 different light colors: green, dark blue, yellow, purple, red, light blue and white. In addition, the night light has a switchable MIAU function. A quick charge with a USB charging cable and a battery life of 5 hours bright and 120 hours dim make it easier to cope with your everyday life with the little ones.

Sound effect

CATTY CAT differs from other night lights not only because of its likeable appearance and the play of light colours. She also surprises with a cute MEOW sound. Simply set the switch to the sound symbol and CATTY reacts to every stroke or touch not only with a color change, but also with a meow. These special features make the children's night light more varied and interesting for your child, toddler or baby. CATTY CAT is therefore not only a helpful night light, but also a great entertainer for the little ones.


CATTY CAT can be dimmed to the right brightness according to the situation and is therefore bright enough to read your little ones from your favorite book, but also just right for breastfeeding or changing your baby's nappy at night. A soft snooze light can be set to help you fall asleep.

Simply set the switch to the lamp symbol and regulate the light using the soft silicone head:

Press CATTY CAT's head once to turn the night light on or off; if you keep the head pressed longer, you regulate the light intensity and thus the light atmosphere.

If you set the switch to the OFF position, you turn off the night light.