Screw Board


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Introducing our Kids Wooden Screw Board, a captivating educational toy that combines fun and skill development! This thoughtfully designed board is specifically crafted to help children enhance their coordination, concentration, and wrist and hand strength through engaging screwing activities.

As children manipulate the screws on the board, they exercise their fine motor skills, honing their dexterity and precision. This hands-on experience fosters concentration and focus, encouraging them to complete the task at hand while boosting their problem-solving abilities.

To add an extra layer of interactive learning, the set includes test cards that enhance the gameplay. These cards provide opportunities for children to recognize and distinguish colors and shapes, promoting cognitive development and visual perception skills. By matching the screws to the corresponding shapes or colors on the cards, children can further strengthen their cognitive abilities and expand their knowledge in a playful and enjoyable manner.

Our Kids Wooden Screw Board offers a safe and durable platform for young learners to practice and refine their motor skills. Crafted from high-quality wood, the board is designed with smooth edges and sturdy construction to ensure long-lasting playtime.

Watch with delight as your child's coordination and concentration improve while they develop essential fine motor skills. Encourage their exploration of colors, shapes, and problem-solving abilities through the engaging and rewarding experience of the Kids Wooden Screw Board.