Diggy Dino - Night Light


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Meet the fun Diggy Dino in its eggshell, a captivating combination of fun and practicality. This exciting night light features an adorable silicone baby dinosaur encased within a eggshell, casting a gentle and inviting radiance across any space. Experience a customizable ambiance with its dimmable capability, allowing you to tailor the light intensity to your liking. With a spectrum of seven fun colors, you can effortlessly set a soothing atmosphere to suit any mood. This night light will catch your little ones attention with its playful "raww" sound, adding an interactive touch that sparks the imagination. Whether adorning a child's room, creating a cozy corner, or simply enhancing your decor, the Diggy Dino Night Light brings warmth and whimsy to every setting.

DIGGY DINO is also equipped with playful, child-friendly and useful functions that are appreciated by young and old. DIGGY DINO is a toy-approved children's night light, with play and night modes. To change modes, the DIGGY DINO is simply removed from its shell and set to the desired mode on the underside. Dino sounds and different colors are changed in game mode by gently tapping the DIGGY DINO. In night mode, the light intensity is adjusted via 3 dimming levels by gently tapping. As a night or style light, "Eggy & Friends" night lights glow softly and are easy to fall asleep to.

Soft Light for Dreaming

In night mode, the warm white light from Diggy Dino can be dimmed in 3 stages. When dimmed, Diggy Dino lights up softly and makes it easy to fall asleep, and the battery life is also extended.

Sound Effect

In play mode, Diggy Dino not only attracts attention with freely selectable colors, but also with playful dinosaur noises that can be switched on and off.


When fully dimmed, Diggy Dino can last up to 200 hours without charging. Then the little guy is fed again with the included USB-C charging cable.

Versatile Play

 In play mode, 7 different colors can be easily set in addition to the dino sounds that can be switched on and off. In night mode, the sleep-friendly warm white can be dimmed in 3 stages.