Hello and welcome to the frequently asked questions page. If you need anymore information or can't quite find the answer you need please contact us we are happy to help. 

Q- What size chart does Skechers use? 

      A- US size chart but if you know the EU number or UK Size we can work that out for you.  

Q- What size chart dose Clarks or Grosby use?

     A- UK Size chart for both. We also only stock the standard width fit. 

Q- Where are we located?

    A- We are located in Ashburton, in the Arcade, Tancred street end. 

Q- Are you part of Tots To Teens Uniform Store?

    A- We used to be co-owned but now we run independently to each other. Sarah runs Humunculus and she loves it.

Q- what are you shipping prices?

    A- Standard shipping is $15, Rural is $20 and free over $140. Unfortunately been a small local business we can not do free or lower price shipping. Instead we keep our store prices to a minimum and have amazing sales so you can get the best deal. 

Q- When are you sales?

   A- We try do do a big Clearance sale once a year. This is our amazing sale, we have items from $5 and Skechers at $20 or less! Keep an eye on Facebook for this one!  We do have % off sales in store and online thought-out the year. Keep an eye on our media platforms for information. 

Skechers Size charts